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Confessions Of An Obsessive Remodeler

How A 10-Year Old With Amish Roots Grew To Become Virginia’s Most Creative, Challenge-Conquering Remodeler.

About Us

By Arlen Miller, Owner:

Blame my father for how your project turns out.

He was a contractor. And, until I was born, he was Amish. And though my father left the Amish community, that famous Amish work ethic never left him.

Let me explain. When I was 10-years old, he took me to a jobsite to help out. But not the “hand your dad a hammer” type of help you’d expect from a 10-year old. My father made me install an entire wall of siding… BY MYSELF.

Most adults can’t install siding. And here I was putting up an entire wall of it before I reached middle school. It was a big challenge. But I did a pretty impressive job for someone who still watched Saturday-morning cartoons.

When my father inspected my work, he noticed one of the corners wasn’t exactly right. At this point, most dads would pat their sons on the back and say, “Good job. I’ll fix that corner.”

My dad said, “Tear it all down and start over.”

So I removed every plank of siding and did it again. The second time around, it was perfect.

Was my father punishing me for doing the job wrong? No way. He was passing on his Amish work ethic to me, teaching me to embrace challenges and do things right.

This experience with a single wall of siding has guided my approach to remodeling ever since.

In 2003, I started Miller Home Improvements with one goal: Do the job right—no matter what it takes, and no matter how long it takes.

Corner cutting? Missed details? Sloppy work? At Miller Home Improvements, those common remodeling problems just DON’T exist. My crew and I go over every single detail of your project. If something is not right, we work on it until it’s perfect. ZERO exceptions.

But doing the job right doesn’t just mean making sure every detail is perfect. Doing the job right means ensuring the customer is completely, 100% ecstatic.

I thrive off of devising solutions to complex design issues and seemingly impossible remodeling problems. If another contractor tells you something is not possible, I say he’s just not trying hard enough. The bottom line: I WILL find a way to provide you with a project you’ll LOVE—no matter what. Take a look at some of the Breathtaking Designs my team and I have created for proof.

If you want a remodel that’s original, budget-friendly, and built with Amish-influenced master craftsmanship, contact us today. We would be honored to hear from you and provide you with a quote.

And remember: When you experience the amazing quality of your project, blame my father.


Arlen Miller