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3 Ways to Give Your Older Home a Modern Facelift

Posted May 15, 2016

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A home is one of our biggest investments, meant to provide shelter and a sense of pride for many years, if not a lifetime. But as seasons change so too do tastes. Maybe the bungalow you fell in love with looks a little dated a decade later. Changing the exterior of your house can breathe new life into even the oldest of homes. Adding a little paint, changing your yard or working with roofing companies in northern Va to put a new lid on your house can all reinvent your homestead.

Painting your home may seem like the most obvious and simple option, and that is because it is. But it is still very effective! Changing your homes main base color, the shade of trim or even the hue of your front door or shutters can drastically impact the character of your home. Shift from a muted taupe to a crisp slate blue to give your house a seaside vibe. Add a pop of color on your front door to make your home look modern and fun. Your options are only limited by the colors at your local hardware store!

One of the biggest ways to change your home involves what is on top of it - your roof! Most older homes are in need of roof repair. Invest in a new roof and use it as an opportunity to try a new color or style. Eye-catching terracotta shingles, color-rich corrugated roofing - there are many modern roofing choices. Talk to roofing companies in northern Va to learn what your options are.

Overhauling your homes exterior can mean building on what is around your home via professional landscaping. Adding trees and bushes, perennials and path pavers can refresh even the oldest home. Do not forget to add uplighting to ensure your house shines long after sunset.

We can not always buy a new house when ours begins to age. Instead, reach out to painters, landscapers or roofing companies in northern Va to boost your homes character with a few of these enhancements.

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