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3 Questions You Should Not Hear From Reputable Roofing Companies

Posted on August 22, 2017

Roofing Companies in Northern, VA

When you are in need of roof repairs or a replacement, it is in your best interest to meet with several different contractors from different roofing companies in Northern VA. There are plenty of questions you need to ask to make sure you are dealing with professionals. You should also expect the contractors to ask you a few things. However, there are a few questions you never want to hear coming out of a contractor's mouth.

1. Can I See Additional Bids You Have Received?

This question is a red flag because the contractor may not actually be giving you the best bid possible. He or she may simply be asking for it so that a lower bid can be offered. Instead, a contractor should simply provide you with the bid without inquiring further. Hopefully this bid will be an honest appraisal of the work about to be done.

2. What Is Your Credit Score?

It can be offensive when someone asks you about your credit rating. Contractors from less reputable roofing companies in Northern VA may even ask additional offensive questions, such as:

A contractor should only ask how you want to handle the payments. You may be able to pay everything at once, or you may need to set up a payment plan.

3. Will You Be Alone When the Roofing Team Arrives?

This can make some homeowners uneasy because it makes it seem like the roofing company has some criminal intent. You should also be wary if contractors ask you about your marital status because that is not their business. A contractor could ask you if anyone else needs to be involved in the decision process. This is only asked to ensure everyone ends up on the same page. Do your homework, and you will find great roofing companies in Northern VA you can trust.

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