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Home Additions & Remodeling

Everyone knows tackling a remodeling project or new addition can be overwhelming. Horror stories of cost overruns, project delays, and stress are almost legendary.

We eliminate all these problems.

We’re one of the few companies in the area that is truly qualified to take on any remodeling and addition project of any size and execute it BETTER than you dreamed it—from the design to the craftsmanship to the service.

Here’s how we do it:

We Discover Your Perfect Design

Don’t know exactly what you want out of your addition or remodel? We completely understand—it’s almost impossible to know what you want from your project unless you can see it firsthand. That’s why we offer design services that take the basic ideas from your brain and make them into something truly special.

Our Design Services are renowned throughout Northern Virginia. We use the most advanced modeling software, provide outside-the-box solutions, and tackle design challenges other contractors deem impossible. No matter what you want from your addition or new space, we can (and will) make it happen.

Our Craftsmen Are OBSESSED With Perfection

We only recruit certified master craftsmen for our team. And when we find them, we hang on to them for dear life! That’s because we know how hard it is to find professionals who are truly passionate about their craft, truly invested in the results they produce, and truly care about your project.

We treat our craftsmen like family. We pay them well and keep them happy because they produce amazing work. And if we treat our craftsmen right, how do you think they will treat you? That’s right—right. Not only do they do fantastic work, they also create a pleasant, fun, comfortable experience for you throughout construction.

We Love, Love, LOVE Change Orders

On average, the typical remodeling/addition project has seven change orders. Change orders are simply a part of remodeling.

Sure, we have fantastic design services that greatly reduce the need to make changes during construction. But the truth is that—no matter how great a company’s design process—it’s difficult to really visualize your project until the actual building begins.

That’s why we (unlike the majority of contractors) embrace change orders. Sure, change orders can slow down the job. But we don’t care how long your project takes—we only care about whether it’s done RIGHT. Visit our Change Order page to see why we LOVE the change-order process.

No Challenge Is Too Great

If your remodel involves a particularly tricky challenge, most contractors will look for an easier alternative or just flat-out tell you it can’t be done.

At Miller Home Improvements, we believe your remodeling or addition project is too important (and too big an investment) for you to compromise. If you want something done a certain way, we’ll make it happen. It’s that simple.

We think a contractor who tells you he can’t achieve your EXACT remodeling dream just isn’t trying hard enough. The bottom line is that we love a good challenge—and, if possible, we WILL find a way to achieve the remodel you want. Period.

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