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When It Comes To Designing A Remodel, Our Imagination Gets The Best Of Us.

We Provide Inspired, Practical, Budget-Friendly Designs Other Contractors Couldn’t Devise In Their Wildest Dreams.

Breathtaking Design

Let’s face it: Remodelers and architects aren’t the most creative bunch.

Sure, they can design a project that looks nice and functions pretty well. But when it comes to tricky design challenges, most contractors wave the white flag.

We’re different.

When other contractors say your remodel can’t be done, we say they just aren’t trying hard enough.

Northern Virginia homeowners who have tough, complex renovation challenges—or just plain have zero idea what they want—turn to Miller Home Improvements. We specialize in innovative, practical, outside-the-box, budget-friendly designs other contractors just don’t even consider.

We combine creativity with practicality to provide you with a beautiful, architecturally-viable, budget-friendly design. A design that functions as spectacularly as it looks. A design that other contractors wouldn’t think of in their wildest dreams.

Here are a few examples of how we made the “impossible” possible for our customers:

A Living Room James Bond Would Love

A customer came to us wanting a cool, James-Bond-esque home theater for his living room. He had heard of our reputation for unique, practical remodels, so he knew we were the only contractor in Northern Virginia who could pull off the remodel he wanted.

This homeowner wanted a television mounted in the wall, a hidden DVD player, total remote access… the works. And he did NOT want any bulky gadgets or wires sticking out everywhere.

We came up with a project that made him ecstatic.

First, we installed a 55” HDTV on a remote operating canvas in the wall above his fireplace. The television rotates to hide behind the canvas. For the rotating canvas, nothing worked the way we wanted. So we purchased separate components and built the canvas ourselves.

To access the Blu-ray player, we built a discrete cabinet with a flush inset door which is hidden with wallpaper. For remote access to all of the components, we installed a single sensor that transfers all of the wireless remote signals.

With all of the components, the area can get warm. So naturally, we installed thermostats hooked up to ultra-quiet fans that automatically cool down the appliances.

The final result is a seamless home-theater system that looks fantastic and functions flawlessly. The video below shows you how this state-of-the-art system works.

Here Are Other Stories Of How Our Creative Design Helped Virginia Homeowners Get The Project They Wanted… While Staying Within Budget.

Amazing Transformation Using Existing Home

A client purchased a 2,500 square-foot home surrounded by giant houses at least twice the size. Using the client’s existing home, we designed a remodel that matched the surrounding homes WITHOUT having to build the customer a new home from scratch. Our design saved them over $200,000!

Stairway To Remodeling Heaven

A young family wanted to redo the stairs to their basement to improve functionality and fix a clearance issue. Other contractors told them the project would be almost impossible or too costly. Then the family called us. Within minutes of the consultation, we suggested a solution that improved looks and functionality—while staying within their budget.

Double The Kitchen; A Fraction Of The Cost

Another was a client who had a design for their kitchen remodel. She wanted a kitchen remodel and needed to stay within a certain budget. The problem was that the solutions other contractors were coming up with were within budget, but unimpressive. When the client contacted us, we came up with a design that utilized the space better… and doubled the size of their kitchen at minimal cost!

Let Us Build You A Breathtaking Project

Our innovative, practical, budget-accommodating designs are why our clients choose us again and again. Come to us with a remodeling idea or absolutely zero notion of what you want—either way, we can create a project that is beautiful, functional, and 100% unique to you.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We would be honored to discuss your project and provide you with a quote!