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Most Contractors LOATHE Change Orders…
…So Why Do We LOVE Them?

Change Order Friendly

Most remodelers avoid change orders like the plague. Change orders slow down the job, which can potentially affect other projects. But the reality is things come up that need to be changed. In fact, 100% of our customers have change orders—an average of seven per project.

At Miller Home Improvements, we LOVE change orders.

While other contractors may grumble and groan when you want something changed, we say, “Great, let’s make it happen!”

Why are we different from the typical contractor and embrace change orders? Simple—change orders mean YOU get what YOU want. Want to change your kitchen cabinets mid-remodel because they don’t look as good as you thought they would? Great—we will help you pick out different ones and install them. Change your mind about the countertop in your bathroom after it’s installed? Fantastic—we’ll help you decide on the perfect counter. Honestly, all we care about is delivering your EXACT remodeling dream.

Of course, being so accommodating to change orders means we’re not the fastest contractor around. Change orders do slow down the job. In fact, our commitment to change orders might cause another customer’s change order to slow down your job. But that’s just how we operate. You get what you want. Period.

Make one change order or make 10… it’s all the same to us. Because once we’re working on your project, we’re 100% committed to seeing you get what you want. At Miller Home Improvements, done right is more important than done fast. If that’s the kind of contractor you’re looking for, contact us today. We would be honored to provide you with a no-cost, no-pressure quote.